Marysvale Utah and Paiute Trail Weather Data 

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Bullion Falls in winter near Marysvale Utah and the Paiute Trail

    Marysvale Weather and the four seasons of the Paiute Trails


The Bullion Creekside Retreat is located at 6300 feet at the foot of the 12000+ ft. elevation Tushar  Mountain Range.  The average temperatures are reflected in the chart above.   There are four very distinct seasons at this location.  We ride the trails every week of the year  and would like to share the following to give you a feel for the riding in all seasons in the area.


 Summer is generally characterized by hot or warm days and cool nights. Go downhill from the retreat for warmer temperatures or go uphill for cooler temperatures. Late July and August are characterized by clear mornings with occasional thunderstorm activity in the afternoons.  Most high elevation trails open up sometime in May or early June, but lingering snow drifts can block some parts of the highest trails (11000+) until the end of July. You should always be prepared for hail storms on any summer ride.  Sun protection and a jacket are recommended.


The warm weather generally extends well into the Fall with Indian Summer days and colorful fall color displays.  The fall offers excellent opportunities on most high elevation trails which are usually free from snow until the end of October. Middle and low elevation trails are generally completely clear during the fall months.  The mountain aspens, maples, and oaks start changing color in early September and are usually at their peak color display about the third week of September.  Lower elevation cottonwoods show their colors generally until the end of October.  The high mountain snow generally starts accumulating in November. The riding is still very good with most trails open and very fun. You should dress for cool weather and bring winter gear in case an early snow storm moves in.


The Winter brings snowy weather in December, January, and February. The nearby southern Utah ski resorts ( Elk meadows and Brian Head) are usually open  in December and provide excellent skiing opportunities.  Go up the trail/road from Bullion Creekside Retreat for excellent snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and ATV snow riding.  Most ATVs drive fine in snow  under 12 inches. We always recommend jackets, gloves and head gear this time of year.  One excellent activity is to ride the ATV up the trail until stopped by the deeper snow.  At this point one can turn around and park the ATVs, then snow-shoe or cross-country ski further up the trail. Come back to the parked ATVs ready to go downhill and return to the cabin to get warm and rest in the hot-tub. We never advise going too deep into the mountains in case you have to hike out in snow.  Stay completely away from avalanche areas.  We do not recommend driving down steep snow-packed grades that you are unsure of being able to return up. Completely avoid ice especially when it is near steep trail edges on the mountain roads. You will almost always be sorry if you don’t.  It can be a nightmare to slide off the ice over the edge of the road. Use all the safety precautions as if you were snowmobiling.  It should be noted that the lower valley trails (dozens of them) are almost always open for great winter riding.  Sometimes they are muddy but this makes for great riding and a change from dusty summer trails.  It is indeed a rare winter day that all the trails would be impassible in the lower valley.  You should dress for winter-riding as if you were skiing or snowmobiling with winter coats, head and face protection, winter gloves, and boots.  Chains or 4-wheel drive is not required but may be advantageous on snowy trails.


The Spring months bring the snow-melt. Lower level trails are completely clear with improved access to mid-elevation trails generally starting in March. The higher trails become available according to the weather progressively in April, May, and June. It is a lot of fun to ride the trails in the mud and melting snow. It is a different experience from the dusty summer trail-riding. One should bring winter gear in the Spring months and take winter-like safety precautions just in case a late winter storm moves through.


The Bullion Creekside Retreat is open year-round and Bryan and Ana ride the trails every week of the year.  We believe a passionate outdoors  and trail lover learns to experience the outdoors in all seasons and rides in all weather. Life is too short to limit your experience to the short summers in the high country.

        Marysvale weather and Season Information


Average temperature, precipitation and general weather and season information for Marysvale Utah, Big Rock Candy Mountain and the general Paiute Trail area.

Swedish guests Marjon and Ilva  enjoying summer weather at  Bulllion Falls

January day at the cabin

I bet you can’t dump me !

           Calf Creek Falls

Guest viewing the trophy Elk  bulls on the mountain to find shed antlers  - February

February Fun at the retreat after a winter storm

Bullion Falls in November

 May on the Elbow Ranch ATV loop

 April visitors at the Cabin

Riding the Bullion Falls Trail on a November day.

Don’t pay a little less for a lot less cabin

October along the new bicycle trail on the Sevier River

Late October near the retreat

Early October at 7000 feet on Canyon of Gold ATV trail

Summer at the cabin looking toward creek meadows

Late May in the lower Valley trails

Early May on the Retreat Creek.

* on the average, humidity is usually very low year round; i.e., below 20%


Marysvale Weather and Seasons

Mule Deer in meadow in Fishlake National ForestAna Maria Burrell in SeptemberDesert wildflowers near Bullion Creekside Retreat and Paiute TrailSiskins on a winter daySummer at high mountain lake Bullion CreekBullion Falls near Bullion Creekside Retreat with European ATV enthusiasts

Summer at 10000 feet.

Outside the Bullion Creekside Rental CabinBryan and Ana Burrell at Calf Creek FallsMule deer visitorsBig Rock Candy Bike Trail in Marysvale CanyonElbow ranch globemallowsFebruary fun at the retreatLooking for Trophy Elk on the Beaver MountainsText Box: Paiute Trail Maps and Guide Books available for sale in our office

Disclaimer—  Trail riding in general and travel in the Utah backcountry is dangerous by nature and could result in property damage, injury or death. If you ride these trails, you acknowledge this danger and assume full responsibility.  You are the final judge as to whether a trail is safe on any given day and whether your driving skills and equipment capabilities are adequate for a safe trip on these trails.

winter trail to Bullion Falls

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Recap of advantages of renting a cabin at Bullion Creekside Retreat …


->  Large, newer cabin new quality furniture, western décor and all the amenities on 8 private acres. No crowds to deal with at this retreat.


->  Private and secluded away from town up the canyon yet conveniently close to get supplies or eat out. It is situated in a beautiful mid-elevation riparian habitat of ponderosa pines, cottonwoods and meadows with fantastic open views of the mountains to East and the West.  The Fish Lake National Forest is nearby.


->  Many wild animals right around the cabin including chipmunks, squirrels, hummingbirds, native songbirds, trout, mule deer, wild turkeys, and feral peacocks.


->  Beautiful wildflower rock gardens.


->  Complete playground with tether-ball, foosball, horseshoes, beautiful creek, meadows, and secluded meadows.  Kids can ride bicycles on our  private loop road without worry.


->  You can hear the creek from the window and there is no highway noise


->  It is only a few yards from the Bullion Creekside Retreat gate to the main trail to Bullion Canyon Falls and direct access to the Paiute ATV Trail and all its spur trails that you can ride to without trailering.  In 4 minutes on your ATV you can be in the prime riding trails west of Marysvale in Bullion Canyon of Gold.


->  The outdoor eating area is large enough to congregate your friends for a barbeque, etc.


->  Two large view decks with afternoon and morning shade. Tremendous views of the Tushars to the West and Monroe Mountains to the East.


->  Knowledgeable, friendly outdoors-loving hosts that live on-site that regularly ride all the trails in the area  who will  treat you like visiting friends. We can advise on all your outdoor activities, including trail knowledge and fishing.


->  Internet access available via wireless network or via our computer in our office.


->  Free equipment to loan for local excursions. This includes day packs, full-size backpacks, fishing poles, and snowshoes.


->  Two TVs and a DVD player available for loan in the cabin


->  Many locations around the valley have poor or no cell phone reception, howevera because of our elevated position most cell phones get 2 or 3 bars from our cabin deck .


->  No highway 89 truck noise to keep you awake at night !




Bull Elk bugling near where the famous Spider Bull was taken on Monroe Mountain near Marysvale Utah and the Paiute Trail.

September brings the Elk Rut to the Paiute Trail area

Our GPS coordinates are:  38° 25.920'N ,112° 16.071'W


 The beautiful mountain creek that runs through the retreat is calling you


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