Marysvale and Paiute Map and Directions

            Bullion Creekside Retreat

            3305 West Bullion Canyon Road

                        Marysvale Utah 84750

Guest on South Monroe ATV loopText Box: 	Directions and Map to Marysvale Utah and Bullion Creekside Retreat:

Salt Lake to Marysvale — I-15 South to Nephi, State Highway 28 south to Levan, Gunnison, Salina and I-70, Go South and West on I-70 past Richfield to the National Parks exit 23 to Highway 89 south. Go on Highway 89 to Marysvale (About 3 hours total).  We recommend you stop in Richfield for food shopping.

Las Vegas to Marysvale—I-15 North past Cedar City to Highway 20 shortcut east to Highway 89. Go north on Highway 89 to Marysvale. (About 4 hours). We recommend you stop in St. George or Cedar City for food shopping.

Arizona to Marysvale - North on Highway 89 from Flagstaff to Kanab Utah. Stay on Highway 89 North to Marysvale.  We recommend you stop  in Kanab or Panguitch for food shopping.

Colorado to Marysvale - West on I-70 past Richfield Utah to National Parks exit 23 to Highway 89. South on Highway 89 to Marysvale. We recommend you stop in Richfield for food shopping.

Marysvale to Bullion Creekside Retreat -

From the center of town at Tug’s  Service Station go west on Center Street (aka Bullion Ave) 1/2 mile to the top of hill past the Church on the right. Take the fork left at the intersection to go South and West on paved Bullion Canyon road.  You’ll come to another fork with a confusing sign...stay right. Do not take a left which is Kennedy Lane...stay on Bullion Canyon road to the right. Go about a mile further  to the wide turn-around spot in the road. The large log archway to the left (south) is the entrance to Bullion Creekside Retreat. (The Retreat gate is about 2.5 miles from Tug’s Service Station).  Our new address after re-numbering in Marysvale is 3305 Bullion Canyon Road. For many years it was in the past it was 1805 Bullion Canyon Road. RV customers see special notice below.

Cabin Customers -   We recommend that you back your ATV trailers through the gate straight down into the long double lane cabin parking driveway. We recommend that you leave ample room behind the trailer to unload and park your ATVs. If you have two rigs in your group then park them side by side and leave a lane in between them to drive your ATVs in and out.  Walk up the stairs to the right, across the west deck and down the stairs to the office.  If by chance, we are not to be found when you arrive, then make yourself at home in the cabin and we’ll take care of check-in paperwork when we arrive.

RV Customers - If you are in a RV rig, you may want to park outside the log arch entrance and walk  down the lane to the office to make arrangements to check-in. You can walk down the loop road to the left road around the propane tank and around to the downstairs office on the south side of the building. You can also simply park in your assigned space (if you already know it) and then come to the office. If by chance we are not in the office then hookup in RV1 or RV2 spot and make yourself at home and we’ll do checkin when we get back.

The two pull-through spaces #1 and #2 are accessed separately about 50 feet to the right (west) of the main gate .  There is ample room for long rigs to make a wide turn so as to come into the spaces straight. The back-in RV space #3 is accessed by pulling through the log arch gateway and taking the right-most fork of the road.  The rig then can go to space #3 and drive onto the area to the right of the road but left of the big boulder. From there the RV can be backed into place by looking back over your left shoulder.

Telephones:  Bryan cell 435 896 7922
                     Ana cell  801 254 1740

We always encourage you to call us the day of your travel to let us know of your arrival time so we can help you get situated.
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