There are about  250 animal species and about 350 bird species to be seen in Utah.  Our excursions range through various ecological desert, marsh, forest, and riparian habitats from the Mojave desert up through the tundra-like mountain tops of the Rockies to view these animals..

Desert Cottontail

Desert Bighorn near Range


Elk harem of 380 score bull

380 score bull elk on Paiute Trail

Two-point Buck in the garden

Small Buck on the Paiute Trail

Ana hand-feeding during

 harsh winter

Trophy Buck on the Paiute Trail

Mule deer raiding bird feeder

Red Squirrel on woodpile

Buck across the road

Mule Deer in Garden

Hand Feeding Mule Deer

Desert Cottontail photographed

 from deck

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Animal Watching at Bullion Creekside Retreat and in Utah




Bat (21 varieties)

Black Bear




Cat, Ringtail

Chipmunk, Cliff

Chipmunk, Colorado

Chipmunk, Least

Chipmunk, Uinta

Chipmunk, Yellow-pine

Cottontail, Desert

Cottontail, Nuttal’s


Deer, Mule


Ferret, Black-footed

Fox, Gray

Fox. Kit

Fox, Red

Goat, Mountain

Gopher, Pocket, Botta’s

Gopher, Pocket, Northern

Hare, Snowshoe

Jackrabbit, Black-tailed

Jackrabbit, White-tailed

Lion, Mountain

Lynx, Canada

Marmot, Yellow-bellied

Marten, Pine



Mouse (20 varieties)


Otter, River



Prairie Dog, Gunnison’s

Prairie Dog, Utah

Prairie Dog, White-tailed

Pronghorn Antelope

Rabbit, Pygmy


Rat, Kangaroo (4 varieties)

Sheep, Bighorn, Desert

Sheep, Bighorn, Rocky Mountain

Shrew (8 varieties)

Skunk, Spotted

Skunk, Striped

Squirrel, Abert’s

Squirrel, Antelope, White-tailed

Squirrel, Flying, Northern

Squirrel, Ground (8 varieties)

Squirrel, Red

Squirrel, Rock

Vole (8 varieties)

Weasel, Long-tailed

Weasel, Short-tailed (Ermine)

Wolf (rare)

Woodrat (5 varieties)




Boa, Rubber

Chuckwalla, Glen Canyon

Chuckwalla, Western

Coachwhip, Red

Gecko, Banded, Utah

Iguana, Desert

Kingsnake, California

Kingsnake, Utah Mountain

Lizard, Mojave Black-collard

Lizard, Yellowhead Collared

Lizard, Speckled Earless

Lizard, Great Basin Fence

Lizard, Northern Desert Horned

Lizard, Southern Desert Horned

Lizard, Longnose Leopard

Lizard, Pale Leopard

Lizard,  Desert Night

Lizard, Utah Night

Lizard, Northern Plateau

Lizard, Southern Plateau

Lizard, Sagebrush

Lizard, Eastern short-horned

Lizard, Mountain short-horned

Lizard, Side-blotched

Lizard, Orange-head Spiny

Lizard, Yellow-back Spiny

Lizard, Northern Tree

Lizard, Mojave Zebratail

Monster, Banded Gila

Racer, Yellow-belly

Rattlesnake, Faded Midget

Rattlesnake, Great Basin

Rattlesnake, Hopi

Rattlesnake, Mojave

Rattlesnake, Prairie

Rattlesnake, Speckled

Sidewinder, Mojave

Skink, Great Basin

Skink, Variable

Snake, Utah Blackhead

Snake, Utah Blind

Snake, Western Black-neck Garter

Snake, Red-sided Garter

Snake, Wandering Garter

Snake, Desert Glossy

Snake, Painted Desert Glossy

Snake, Great Basin Gopher

Snake, Western Smooth Green

Snake, Great Basin Ground

Snake, Leafnose

Snake, Longnose

Snake, Lyre Sonoran

Snake, Utah Milk

Snake, Desert Night

Snake, Mesa Verde Night

Snake, Spotted Night

Snake, Mojave Patchnose

Snake, Great Plains Rat

Snake, Regal Ringneck

Softshell, Spiny Western

Tortoise, Desert

Whipsnake, Striped

Whiptail, Great Basin

Whiptail, Northern

Whiptail, Striped Plateau





Bass, Largemouth

Bass, Smallmouth

Bass, Striped

Bass, White


Bullhead, Black

Bullhead, Yellow

Carp, Common

Catfish, Channel

Chub, Bonytail

Chub, Creek

Chub, Humpbank

Chub, Least

Chub, Leatherside

Chub, Roundtail

Chub, Utah

Chub, Virgin River

Cisco, Bonneville

Crappie, Black

Crappie, White

Dace. Longnose

Dace, Speckled

Grayling, Arctic

Killifish, Rainwater

Killifish, Rio Grande

Minnow, Brassy

Minnow, Fathead


Muskellunge, Tiger

Perch, Sacramento

Perch, Yellow

Pike, Northern

Salmon, Kokanee

Sculpin, Bear Lake

Sculpin, Mottled

Sculpin, Piute

Shad, Threadfin

Shiner, ( 5 varieties)

Smelt, Delta

Smelt, Rainbow

Spinedace, Virgin River


Squawfish, Colorado

Sucker, Bluehead

Sucker, Desert

Sucker, Flannelmouth

Sucker, June

Sucker, Mountain

Sucker, Razorback

Sucker, Utah

Sucker, White

Sunfish, Green

Trout, Albino Rainbow

Trout, Brook

Trout, Brown

Trout,  Colorado Cutthroat

Trout, Lahontan Cutthroat

Trout, Snake River Cutthroat

Trout,  Bonneville Cutthroat

Trout, Yellowstone Cutthroat

Trout, Goldern

Trout, Lake

Trout, Rainbow


Whitefish, Bear Lake

Whitefish, Bonneville

Whitefish, Mountain





Frog, Boreal Chorus

Frog, Green

Frog, Northern Leopard

Frog, Relict Leopard

Frog, Spotted

Salamander, Tiger

Spadefoot, Great Basin

Toad, Arizona

Toad, Boreal

Toad, Great Plains

Toad, Red-spotted

Toad, Woodhouse’s

Treefrog, Canyon

Treefrog, Pacific

Utah Cougar in TreeDesert Bighorn UtahTiger Swallowtail
Trophy mule deer buck on Monroe Mountain380 score bull elk on Monroe Mountainelk harem on Monroe Mountainmule deer does walking through the yardAna hand feeding a doesmall buck along the Paiute Trailpetroglyphs from central utahDesert Bighorn near Range Creekdry creek lizardWild Brown Trout in UtahMormon CricketUtah RavenLeopard Lizard near the Paiute TrailUtah Leopard LizardRaiding the bird feederUtah Prairie Dogtwo bucks on the Paiute TrailUtah Chipmunkdeer at Bullion Creekside RetreatPaiute Trail sceneBullion Creek native RainbowFeral PeacockNice Mule Deer Shedsmule deer shed utahtwo-point buck in the garden

Petroglyphs from central utah

Dry Creek Lizard

Wild Brown Trout

Desert Reptile

Does walking through the yard

Utah Raven

Leopard Lizard

Mormon Cricket

Cougar we photographed on Beaver Creek

Leopard Lizard

Utah Prairie Dog

Tiger Swallow-tail on Paiute Trail

Nice Buck on the Paiute Trail

Raiding the bird feeder

Cabin visitor

Utah Desert Bighorn Sheep

Retreat deer

Dry Creek Lizard

Retreat Rock Squirrel

Paiute Trail Scene

Bullion Creek Rainbow Trout

Mule Deer Rut at the cabin in November

Bull we called in on Paiute Trail

Excited Bull up close

Horned Toad on the trail

Summer Porch visitor

early morning feral peacock

King of the Cabin

Elk out on the Paiute Trail

Fly fishing can be good in southern Utah

A good find

Buck in velvet munching on our honeysuckle vine

Picas can be found on talus slopes

Hand Feeding Mule Deermule deer in gardenrutting mule deer buckmule deer raiding bird feeder

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Fawns on the playground at Bullion Creekside Retreat near Marysvale Utah

Fawns on retreat playground

 The beautiful mountain creek that runs through the retreat is calling you

   Note from guest Stephanie Caine and party from Texas:

First of all we want to thank you for your hospitality. Your place is beautiful and both of you are wonderful people. We came to Utah for the first time this year and will definitely be back—to stay with you. Excellent accommodations and wonderful recommendations for trail riding. We ride every year in Colorado and we were all challenged this trip on the Paiute Trail. We all smile the whole way. I am an internet junkie and will give you an awesome review on Trip Advisor. Great meeting you both ! Keep up the good work ! Your place is awesome ! Thank you again from San Angelo, Texas.

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Following is a list of Utah animals that possibly may be seen on the Paiute Trail or within a day’s excursion from the Bullion Creekside Vacation Rental Cabin