Things to bring to a Paiute Trail Vacation


You may be asking ‘What do we bring’ for a vacation at Bullion Creekside Retreat. We have put the following list together to jog your memory to the necessities and possibilities. You can buy almost anything you forget or can’t bring on the airplane at the convenience store in Marysvale or at the Super Walmart in nearby Richfield.


Before coming to Marysvale - don’t forget essentials

· Make lodging reservations as early as possible (the best cabins and spots often book solid for the summer)

· Go over plans with Bryan or Ana for recommendations

· Print out ‘Map and Directions’ page from this website and bring it.

· Consider getting ATVs or UTVs jetted for high altitude or bring extra high-altitude jets.

· Bring extra vehicle keys.

· Bring checkbook or cash to pay balance for lodging

· Bring cell phones

· Registration paperwork for ATVs from home state

· Camera

· Stop for Groceries store before arriving to Marysvale—There is a small convenience store \ gas station in Marysvale. You should stop in larger grocery store before arriving to Marysvale. It is about a 30 minute drive to Richfield if you choose to shop after arriving to Marysvale.

For ATV Excursions onto the Paiute Trail System

· Extra keys, small extra fuel container for the trail, atv ice box, food containers, flat repair kit, Paiute trail map (can purchase on internet or upon arrival at the retreat), drinking water canteen, gloves, goggles, boots, protective clothing, helmets, extra spark plugs, basic tools, GPS, compass.

· You really don’t need all the above to have a great atv excursion if you are flying in and renting ATVs. Helmets can be rented with the ATVs. Helmets are not legally required for adults 18 or over but recommended. If you don’t have an extra fuel tank or ice box, we’ll loan you one.

For hanging out at the cabin

· Cabin already has bedding, towels, dish soap, bath soap, clothes soap, dishes, pots, pans, crock pot, grill, hand mixer, iron, large griddle, large frying pan, paper towels, glasses and mugs (including wine glasses), silverware, knives, matches and propane for outdoor grill, icemaker, coffee maker, some basic condiments, toaster, blender, dishwasher, washer, dryer, DVD player , baby crib, high chair, Sirius music subscription with amplifier and large speakers, satellite subscription on two TVs, cut firewood, toys in sandbox.

· You should bring your own food, clothes, personal stuff, gear, etc.

· We have a wireless internet network that is accessible from the cabin and nearby yard.  You are also welcome to use our office computer to check your email and do light surfing.

· Do not bring your pet to the cabin... we are very strong about this as we want to keep this very nice cabin allergy free and nice for future renters.

For hanging out in your RV

· We recommend an awning for summer outdoor afternoon lounging.  There are giant shade trees with a bench and hammock by the creek or picnic area about 200 feet away.  RVs are required to have their own on-board bathroom. There are not external bathroom facilities available. RV spaces do have water, sewer and power hookups. For local TV reception in Marysvale some RVs need an antenna amplifier. Most late model RVs have an amplifier built in to their system but you have to enable it.  You may want to bring some firewood for the firepits.  Don’t forget to bring charcoal lighter fluid to help start your campfire.

· The retreat is full of wild song birds including hummingbirds. We recommend that you bring a hummingbird feeder and sugar water. We guarantee that the little hummers will find it and keep you entertained for hours from May to mid-September.

· Our wireless internet network reaches the RV area with two or three bars. You can bring your laptop to the office porch table and connect to the wireless network for full 5 bar service. The SSC DSL service works great for emailing and browsing. You are also welcome to use our office computer to check your email and do light surfing.

· Pets are fine in your own RV or on a leash at the retreat.

For Rafting or river tubing

· Swimming suits, water shoes, light clothes to wear over swimming suits, and sun protection

· Make Reservations ahead of time with a rafting company - ask Bryan or Ana for recommendations

· Tubes if you want to tube the slow part of the river

For Fishing

· Knife, No. 8 hooks, rods and reels for streams or rivers, split-shot weights, worms, red salmon eggs, small trout lures, Utah licenses for adults (available in Marysvale or on internet), creel. Trolling equipment if you want to rent boat at Fish Lake or Otter Creek Lake.  Print out our webpage about fishing.

For National Parks Sight-seeing

· Cameras, binoculars, sun protection, hiking footwear.

For summer outdoors

· Sun protection, light jacket, swimming gear, rain gear, headgear.

For spring and Fall outdoors

· Sun protection, heavy jacket, light jacket, gloves, cold weather headgear.

For winter outdoors

· Sun protection, heavy jacket, winter gloves, cold weather headgear, winter boots,  Dress as if snow skiing or snowmobiling. ATVs usually go good in up to a foot of snow or so. ATV chains can greatly enhance your winter riding capabilities.  Your automobile should be equipped with snow tires or 4-wheel drive. The road is snow-plowed but there may be occasion that there is slick ice or snow in a parking situation or coming in or out of the retreat parking. You generally will need snow tires or 4wd to get to snow for sledding, snow-shoeing, or skiing areas.

For Shakespearean Festival

· Make Reservations ahead of time, check schedule on internet, bring appropriate clothes.

For bicycling

· Make reservations to rent bikes ahead of time, bring kids’ bikes for private retreat loop.

For animal,wildflowers and bird watching

· Cameras, binoculars, identification manuals

For prospecting

· Gold Pan (we usually have one at the retreat to loan), small bottle to keep gold flakes



Creek by Bullion Creekside RetreatWest Deck View of Tushar Mountain Range

Creek foot bridge by cabin

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View of antique wagon and Tushars from west door

Guests at  Casto Canyon Loop

Fly-fishing guest

Watching mountain goats from Bullion Canyon—cottonwood ATV loop

Skiing, fishing, and sunning at nearby Piute lake beach

Trophy buck on Barney lake loop.

Don’t pay a little less for a lot less cabin

Guest leaving for Paiute ATV TrailGuest at Casto Canyon ATV TrailFly-fishing guest of Bullion Creekside RetreatGuests watching mountain goatsSkiing and Fishing at Piute Lake beachTrophy buck on Monroe Mountain near Barney Lake

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Recap of advantages of renting a cabin at Bullion Creekside Retreat …


->  Large, newer cabin new quality furniture, western décor and all the amenities on 8 private acres. No crowds to deal with at this retreat.


->  Private and secluded away from town up the canyon yet conveniently close to get supplies or eat out. It is situated in a beautiful mid-elevation riparian habitat of ponderosa pines, cottonwoods and meadows with fantastic open views of the mountains to East and the West.  The Fish Lake National Forest is nearby.


->  Many wild animals right around the cabin including chipmunks, squirrels, hummingbirds, native songbirds, trout, mule deer, wild turkeys, and feral peacocks.


->  Beautiful wildflower rock gardens.


->  Complete playground with tether-ball, foosball, horseshoes, beautiful creek, meadows, and secluded meadows.  Kids can ride bicycles on our  private loop road without worry.


->  You can hear the creek from the window and there is no highway noise


->  It is only a few yards from the Bullion Creekside Retreat gate to the main trail to Bullion Canyon Falls and direct access to the Paiute ATV Trail and all its spur trails that you can ride to without trailering.  In 4 minutes on your ATV you can be in the prime riding trails west of Marysvale in Bullion Canyon of Gold.


->  The outdoor eating area is large enough to congregate your friends for a barbeque, etc.


->  Two large view decks with afternoon and morning shade. Tremendous views of the Tushars to the West and Monroe Mountains to the East.


->  Knowledgeable, friendly outdoors-loving hosts that live on-site that regularly ride all the trails in the area  who will  treat you like visiting friends. We can advise on all your outdoor activities, including trail knowledge and fishing.


->  Internet access available via wireless network or via our computer in our office.


->  Free equipment to loan for local excursions. This includes day packs, full-size backpacks, fishing poles, and snowshoes.


->  Two TVs and a DVD player available for loan in the cabin


->  Many locations around the valley have poor or no cell phone reception, however most cell phones get 2 or 3 bars from our cabin deck .



Fawns on retreat playground

Fawns on the playground at Bullion Creekside Retreat near Marysvale Utah

   Note from guest Stephanie Caine and party from Texas:

First of all we want to thank you for your hospitality. Your place is beautiful and both of you are wonderful people. We came to Utah for the first time this year and will definitely be back—to stay with you. Excellent accommodations and wonderful recommendations for trail riding. We ride every year in Colorado and we were all challenged this trip on the Paiute Trail. We all smile the whole way. I am an internet junkie and will give you an awesome review on Trip Advisor. Great meeting you both ! Keep up the good work ! Your place is awesome ! Thank you again from San Angelo, Texas.

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