Text Box: Following is a list of Utah birds that possibly may be seen within a day’s bird-watching excursion from the Paiute Trail and Bullion Creekside Retreat
Peregrine Falcon Utah


There are about  350 bird species  and 250 non-bird species to be seen in Utah.  One can range through various ecological desert, marsh,forest, and riparian habitats from the Mojave and Sonoran desert up through the tundra-like mountain tops of the Rockies to see these animals.


Tern, Caspian

Tern, Common

Tern, Forster’s

Thrasher, Bendire’s

Thrasher, Brown

Thrasher, Crissal

Thrasher, Le Conte’s

Thrasher, Sage

Thrush, Hermit

Thrush, Swainson’s

Thrush, Varied

Thrush, Wood


Titmouse, Plain

Towhee, Abert’s

Towhee, Green-tailed

Towhee, Rufous-sided

Turkey, Rio Grande

Turkey, Merriams

Turnstone, Ruddy



Vireo, Bell’s

Vireo, Gray

Vireo, Red-eyed

Vireo, Solitary

Vireo, Warbling

Vulture, Turkey

Warbler, Black-and-white

Warbler, Blackpoll

Warbler, Blue-black– throated

Warbler, Connecticut

Warbler, Grace’s

Warbler, Black-throated Gray

Warbler, Hermit

Warbler, Lucy’s

Warbler, MacGillivray’s

Warbler, Magnolia

Warbler, Nashville

Warbler, Orange-crowned

Warbler, Palm

Warbler, Tennessee

Warbler, Townsend’s

Warbler, Virginia’s

Warbler, Wilson’s

Warbler, Yellow

Warbler, Yellow Rumped

Waterthrush, Northern

Waxwing, Bohemian

Waxwing, Cedar


Wigeon, American

Wigeon, Eurasian


Woodpecker, Downy

Woodpecker, Hairy

Woodpecker, Ladder-backed

Woodpecker, Lewis’

Woodpecker, Red-headed

Woodpecker, Three-toed

Wren, Bewick’s

Wren, Cactus

Wren, Canyon

Wren, House

Wren, Marsh

Wren, Rock

Wren, Winter

Yellowlegs, Greater

Yellowlegs, Lesser

Yellowthroat, Common


Redstart, Painted

Roadrunner, Greater

Robin, American


Sandpiper, Baird’s

Sandpiper, Least

Sandpiper, Pectoral

Sandpiper, Semipalmated

Sandpiper, Solitary

Sandpiper, Spotted

Sandpiper, Stilt

Sandpiper, Upland

Sandpiper, Western

Sapsucker, Red-naped

Sapsucker, Williamson

Scaup, Greater

Scaup, Lesser

Scoter, Black

Scoter, Surf

Scoter, White-winged

Shoveler, Northern

Shrike, Loggerhead

Shrike, Northern

Siskin, Pine

Snipe, Common

Solitaire, Townsend’s

Sparrow, Black-chinned

Sparrow, Black-throated

Sparrow, Brewers

Sparrow, Chipping

Sparrow, Clay-colored

Sparrow, Fox

Sparrow, Golden-crowned

Sparrow, Grasshopper

Sparrow, Harris’

Sparrow, House

Sparrow, Lark

Sparrow, Le Conte’s

Sparrow, Lincoln’s

Sparrow, Rufous Crowned

Sparrow, Sage

Sparrow, Savannah

Sparrow, Song

Sparrow, Swamp

Sparrow, American Tree

Sparrow, Vesper

Sparrow, White-crowned

Sparrow, White-throated

Starling, European

Stilt, Black-necked

Stork, Wood

Swallow, Bank

Swallow, Barn

Swallow, Cliff

Swallow, Northern Rough-winged

Swallow, Tree

Swallow, Violet-green

Swan, Trumpeter

Swan, Tundra

Swift, Black

Swift, Vaux’s

Swift, White-throated

Tanager, Summer

Tanager, Western

Tattler, Wandering

Teal, Blue-winged

Teal, Cinnamon

Teal, Green-winged

Tern, Black


Gull, Sabine’s

Gull, Thayer’s


Harrier, Northern

Hawk, Black

Hawk, Broad-winged

Hawk, Cooper’s

Hawk, Ferruginous

Hawk, Red-tailed

Hawk, Rough-legged

Hawk, Sharp-shinned

Hawk, Swainson’s

Heron, Black-crowned Night

Heron, Great Blue

Heron, Little Blue

Heron, Green-backed

Hummingbird, Black-chinned

Hummingbird, Broad-tailed

Hummingbird, Calliope

Hummingbird, Costa’s

Hummingbird, Rufous

Ibis, White-faced

Jaeger, Long-tailed

Jaeger, Parasitic

Jay, Blue

Jay, Gray

Jay, Pinyon

Jay, Scrub

Jay, Steller’s

Junco, Dark-eyed

Kestrel, American


Kingbird, Cassin’s

Kingbird, Eastern

Kingbird, Western

Kingfisher, Belted

Kinglet, Golden-crowned

Knot, Red

Lark, Horned

Longspur, Chestnut-collared

Longspur, Lapland

Loon, Arctic

Loon, Common

Loon, Red-throated

Magpie, Black-billed


Martin, Purple

Meadowlark, Western

Merganser, Common

Merganser, Hooded

Merganser, Red-breasted


Mockingbird, Northern

Moorhen, Common

Nighthawk, Common

Nutcracker, Clark’s

Nuthatch, Pygmy

Nuthatch, Red-breasted

Nuthatch, White-breasted


Oriole, Hooded

Oriole, Northern

Oriole, Bullock’s

Oriole, Scott’s



Owl, Barn

Owl, Burrowing

Owl, Flammulated

Owl, Great Gray

Owl, Great Horned

Owl, Long-eared

Owl, Northern Pygmy

Owl, Northern Saw-whet

Owl, Western Screech

Owl, Short-eared

Owl, Snowy

Owl, Mexican Spotted

Partridge. Gray

Peewee, Western Wood

Pelican, Brown

Pelican, American White


Phalarope, Red

Phalarope, Red-necked

Phalarope, Wilson’s

Pheasant, Red-necked

Phoebe, Black

Phoebe, Eastern

Phoebe, Say’s

Pigeon,  Band-tailed

Pintail, Northern

Pipit, American

Plover, Black-bellied

Plover, Lesser Golden

Plover, Mountain

Plover, Semipalmated

Plover, Snowy

Poorwill, Common

Ptarmigan, White-tailed

Quail, California

Quail, Gambel’s

Rail, Sora

Rail, Virginia

Raven, Common


Redpoll, Common

Redstart, American

Avocet, American

Bittern, American

Bittern, Least

Blackbird, Brewers

Blackbird, Red-winged

Blackbird, Rusty

Blackbird, Yellow-headed

Bluebird, Mountain

Bluebird, Western




Bunting, Indigo

Bunting, Lark

Bunting, Lazuli

Bunting, Snow



Cardinal, Northern

Catbird, Gray

Chat, Yellow-breasted

Chickadee, Black-capped

Chickadee, Mountain


Condor, California

Coot, American

Cormorant, Double-crested

Cowbird, Brown-headed

Crane, Sandhill

Creeper, Brown

Crossbill, Red

Crossbill, White-winged

Crow, American

Cuckoo, Black-billed

Cuckoo, Yellow-billed

Curlew, Long-billed


Dipper, American

Dove, Inca

Dove, Mourning

Dove, Rock

Dove, White-winged

Dowitcher, Long-billed

Dowitcher, Short-billed

Duck, Harlequin

Duck, Whistling Fulvous

Duck, Ring-necked

Duck, Ruddy

Duck, Wood


Eagle, Bald

Eagle, Golden

Egret, Cattle

Egret, Great

Egret, Snowy

Falcon, Peregrine

Falcon, Prairie

Finch, Cassin’s

Finch, House

Finch, Rosy

Flicker, Northern

Flycatcher, Ash-throated

Flycatcher, Brown-crested

Flycatcher, Dusky

Flycatcher, Gray

Flycatcher, Hammond’s

Flycatcher, Olive-sided

Flycatcher, Scissor-tailed

Flycatcher, Vermilion

Flycatcher, Cordilleran

Flycatcher, Willow


Gnatcatcher, Black-tailed

Gnatcatcher, Blue-gray

Godwit, Hudsonian

Godwit, Marbled

Goldeney, Barrow’s

Goldeney, Common

Goldfinch, American

Goldfinch, Lesser

Goose, Canada

Goose, Ross’

Goose, Snow

Goose, Greater White-fronted

Goshawk, Northern

Grackle, Common

Grackle, Great-tailed

Grebe, Clark’s

Grebe, Eared

Grebe, Horned

Grebe, Pied-billed

Grebe, Western

Grosbeak, Black-headed

Grosbeak, Blue

Grosbeak, Evening

Grosbeak, Pine

Grosbeak, Rose-breasted

Grouse, Blue

Grouse, Ruffed

Grouse, Sage (Columbian)

Grouse, Sage (Gunnison)

Grouse, Sharp-tailed

Gull, Bonaparte’s

Gull, California

Gull, Franklin

Gull, Glaucous

Gull, Herring

Gull, Ring-billed

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Bird Watching in Utah and Paiute Trail

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